Carpet Repair & Restretching

Damaged, wrinkled, ripped, torn, or frayed carpet? You don’t have to replace your carpet, Full Steam can handle all your carpet repair and restretching needs. Carpet repair is not a skill that all carpet technicians perform, but Full Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has been Western Nevada’s carpet repair experts since 1974.
Our specially trained carpet repair technicians have mastered the art of carpet repair. Many carpet owners aren’t aware that their carpet can be repaired or restretched. Our goal is to help our customers save time and money by not replacing carpet in their home or business. We will gladly help in informing you on what carpet repair looks like and how we do it. The scope of carpet repairs is vast, below you can see all carpet repair services we offer.

Carpet Patches

For ripped carpet, large stains, or holes, our technicians can employ carpet patching techniques. Carpet patching involves taking an undamaged piece of carpet from either a remnant you may have leftover from your original installation or from the back of a closet or other unnoticeable area, and patching it over the hole.

A carpet can suffer holes for a multitude of reasons. Pets – particularly dogs – can sometimes decide to chew off a spot in the carpet, leaving behind a gaping hole. A dropped cigarette or clothes iron can easily burn through a carpet instead of just leaving a mark. Whatever the case may be, a carpet hole is unpleasant to look at and can easily make people feel they have no choice but to replace perfectly-good carpet.

We recommended NOT purchasing new carpet instead of removing a portion of their existing carpet, as carpet color varies from roll to roll – even if you purchase the same carpet, in the same “color” by the same manufacturer.

Carpet Stretching

Over time, carpet stretches leaving noticeable lumps, bumps, and wrinkles. Not only is wrinkled carpet unsightly, but it can also be a dangerous safety hazard. Loose sagging carpet can be remedied by carpet re-stretching. Our technicians are equipped with special tools and techniques designed specifically to smooth out lumps, bulges, and wrinkles to restore a brand-new appearance to your loose carpet. The carpet re-stretching process can also be used to fix loose or frayed carpet seams. 

A carpet that needs re-stretching isn’t as big of an issue as some of the others, but it’s best done as soon as ripples are spotted. No matter the size of your carpet, we can guarantee that there won’t be a single pesky ripple left by the time we’re done. This is one of our most standard procedures, and it’s one that our clients should never postpone.

Seam Repair

Is your carpet falling apart at the seam – literally? The seam repair experts at Full Steam in the Western Nevada area can repair your seams making them virtually invisible.

Carpet seams are a problem with wall-to-wall carpets, especially in multiple rooms. Carpet owners usually want a seamless transition between rooms, but it can be difficult to accomplish. We’ll bring all the edges of your carpets together so you and your guests won’t be able to tell where one piece ends and another begins.

Doors present another issue. In fact, they are the main reason why two pieces of a carpet become separated over time. It’s not just that – even a single carpet can become frayed on the sides due to the constant sliding of doors. After we’re done fixing the edges of the carpet, you’ll no longer have to worry about it happening again.

Spot Dyeing

Drops of bleach and other store-bought carpet cleaning stain removal products are a very common issue on carpets, especially exiting bathrooms, laundry areas, hallways, and bedrooms that are heavily trafficked by homeowners and maid services.
When bleach is spilled or certain cleaning products get on the carpet it can turn the color or even remove the dye completely. Our trained technicians can neutralize the bleach spot and put color back in your carpet fibers getting them back to or as close as possible to the original color of your carpet.
Don’t spend a fortune to replace good carpet, give us a call for professional carpet spot dyeing!