James Altman

Threw a bbq for Memorial Day that looked like a hurricane aftermath the day after. Had heard that Full Steam now offered maid service, so I contacted then to arrange for cleaning. Have to say, that honestly the first experience was horrible. Missed stains, half done counters, and whatever cleaners they used gave me headaches for 2 days and had my dogs wheezing.
Contacted Jonah, the owner, who explained that he had been receiving multiple complaints about his maid service and had changed from contracting that service out to in house service. He sent his new maids over free of charge to make things right. And boy did they ever! Katrina and Kyndra were polite, pleasant, and professional at all times and even cleaned things that weren’t a part of the original job. As a self employed independent contractor I highly value and appreciate great follow up and strong business ethics. Full Steam has both in abundance. If you are looking for a full service, locally owned and operated business (who happens to have some of the lowest prices in the area), Full Steam is the only place you should call. Ask for Jonah.