Tile & Grout Cleaning/Sealing

As with carpet and upholstery protection, sealing your tile from staining is just as or more important to do after cleaning, and is rarely ignored. If you’re thinking of cleaning your tile and grout, be sure to seal it afterward as tile is an expensive investment.
Grout itself is a very porous material, and so is some tile. Once a stain has been set, and cleaning proves ineffective, the only option is replacement of that section. Usually the newer material will never look quite the same as the rest.

Evaluating the Condition of Your Tile

Details are what build quality tile cleaning. Our technicians will inspect for cracks in your grout and note what kind of tile you have. If you have cracks in the grout, be forewarned it may suck up in our vacuum. The kind of tile you have, and the types of stains, will tell us what chemicals will work best.

Pre-Conditioning the Tile

The appropriate pre-spray will then be applied, which will sit for about fifteen minutes, to get best results.


We will then gently brush the grout and certain stains on the tile to help with the effectiveness of the pre-spray.


Our buffer will then spray a highly pressurized solution to extract the pre-spray, and neutralize the ph level. At the same time, it extracts away all the dirt, and you will immediately be able to see results.


This step is included, as it is common and imperative to the job. Following behind the cleaning technician, his/her assistant will quickly spray and evenly spread the sealant over the tile. After that, the dry time is about fifteen minutes. Your tile is then cleaned and sealed, ready for whatever life has to throw at it!