Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Preservation

Hardwood floors not only add warmth and beauty to any interior but also major value to any Property. Just as carpet needs to be cleaned and taken care of regularly so does your hardwood floor to ensure it lasts a lifetime. The process of cleaning and preserving hardwood has changed drastically in the past few years, prior to the recent years the public had very little in way cost-effective ways to clean and preserve their hardwood floors. Most people struggled with the idea of coating the floor with either sticky oils, waxes, and or running the risk of damaging the floor which would then lead to the major expense of having to find a contractor that would have to come in and sand the wood down, polish it and resealing it. All of which would require a major investment of money and time. And if you already had to refinished more than a few times now you are looking at tearing it up and replacing it which would cost even more.
Luckily, things have changed and Full Steam is proud to offer a better, faster, and safer way to deep clean, protect and preserve one of your home’s most valuable assets.


Full Steam is proud to offer the Hyrdo-Force hardwood cleaning and Preservation system to the public. This unique multi-step system insures your hardwood floor is deep cleaned, moisturized, protected, and preserved. Plus unlike normal refinish you can use this system over and over again to ensure your Hardwood floor lasts for a lifetime. Full Steam’s system uses 100% safe chemistry to clean and preserve your floor in a way previously unavailable to home and business owners. Through the use of our state of the art cleaning machines and the modern chemistry from Hydro-Force your dirty, dull and scuffed floor will be shiny, bright and look new again within hours, all without the cost and trouble of sanding and resealing. This process will actually bring new life to your hardwood floor and they will be smoother, harder, and the light scratches will be gone. Best of all since no wood material is removed from the hardwood floor the process will be done as times as you want to ensure the floor lasts forever.

It is recommended that you clean and preserve your hardwood floor at least twice a year in this dry and abrasive Northern Nevada climate. The only downside to Full Steams system is that deep gauges and scratches will not be removed by the cleaning and preservation process. But not to fear Full Steam can, for an extra charge, insert another step in between the cleaning and the top preservation coat stages to fill the deep scratches and gauges thereby minimizing their appearance then once the top preservation coat is applied they will be virtually unnoticeable.