Carpet Cleaning

No matter the size of the carpet cleaning job, you can expect a job well done by our professional carpet cleaners in Western Nevada. We’ll make sure you are happy with your carpet cleaning service before we leave. Below you will find our professional carpet cleaning process.

Evaluating the Condition of the Carpet

This may be the most important step in our whole process. Our technicians will carefully walk through the areas you want cleaned. They will be looking for rips, or tears and any spots that might require extra attention. We will inform you exactly of what we can do to help, and then listen to your requests. Any and all questions you may have can and will be answered at this time.

Vacuuming and pre-conditioning the carpet

After an understanding has been made about what you want, we will start by vacuuming and then spraying our secret carpet cleaning formula on the carpet that eats up proteins, and break down dirt and grime.


In our third step, we will agitate the carpet and watch the stains start to disappear.

Moving Furniture & Extraction

If you request us to move furniture we will be more than happy to accommodate you, and we will place protective blocks under the legs of the furniture. Rinsing the pre-conditioner and extracting the dirt and spots away is the best part of professional carpet cleaning. We love the look on the faces of our customers when they see the true difference.


Should our basic mixture be unable to remove a particular spot, we will then apply specific spotters and treatments to make your carpet look as good as possible. Our technicians are all trained to take special attention to detail. Quality is the key to our work.


Once we are confident we have done all we can to make the carpet look new again, we will uniformly rake the carpet. This helps it to dry quicker, look even better, and helps to prevent spots from wicking (part of the evaporation process) back to the surface.

Wrapping Up

Now that our basic process is complete. We will ask you to take a good look at your freshly cleaned carpet and make sure you are happy with our work. We have nothing to hide so we encourage you to examine our work. Then if you request us to, we can protect your carpet from future staining with Teflon protection. Teflon will not prevent your carpet or upholstery from getting dirty, but it will prevent permanent staining. Although it is strongly suggested, it is not a required step.