24/7 Emergency Water Extraction

Leaky roof, broken pipes, flood? Often a time there is an emergency and water has entered the building. First things first address the why and where the water is coming from. Find the source of the water and stop it. When it comes to water damage time is critical and could the difference between saving the floor and having to replace it. Full Steam Carpet Cleaning will walk you through the process and even help with an insurance claim if need be.
If you don’t know how to turn off the water source or need help a contractor or Plummer may be needed.
If this is an emergency please call us 24/7 at (775) 424-1200. Do not submit an email.

Removal of Water

Once the water source has been shut off, now comes the removal of all the water. Full Steam Carpet Clean will use its state of the air-water extraction equipment to pump the water out.


Then we will bring in fans and dehumidifiers to assist in drying out flooring as quickly as possible. Our trained technicians will assess the damage and if need be pull up the carpet pad and assist in drying.

Antimicrobial Treatment

We will spray down an antimicrobial on all affected areas to help prevent the formation of mold and foul odors.

Moving Furniture

Fans and dehumidifiers will be left on sight for a few days to ensure everything is bone dry, and once we are certain the area is dry and there is no sign of secondary damage or microbial growth the floor is put back down and the furniture can be returned to the room.


Normally this entire extraction and drying out process will also leave the carpet dirty and or with watermarks so a follow-up cleaning and inspection will last step. This will ensure this is no further issue and carpet is back to normal. This final step is usually done a few days after the initial loss.